Now the puppies are 1 week old!

Puppy1, Male, 1 w

Puppy2, Female 1 w

Puppy3, Female 1 w

Puppy4, Female, 1w

Puppy5, Male 1 w

Puppy6, Tik 1 w

Puppy7, Male 1 w

Puppy8, Female 1 w

Puppy9, Male1 w

Puppies 1 day

Puppy1, Male, 1 day

Puppy2, Female, 1 day

Puppy3, Female, 1 day

Puppy4, Female, 1 day

Puppy5, Male, 1 day

Puppy6, Female, 1 day

Puppy7, Male, 1 day

Puppy8, Female, 1 day

Puppy9, Male 1 day

Now they are here!!

4 males & 5 females are born! The birth was good! Saga & the puppies are doing great :)

It's soon time for puppies!!

Now it's soon time for the puppies to be born :) Read more about our litter here >>

Saga 14/9

Saga 14/9

Saga 7/9

Saga & her friend Puma 7/9

Just Ask Ronda "Goa" became BOS with CACIB today!

Idag blev Goa BIM med CACIB på SKK's utställning i Gimo. Vilken dag! Jag är så glad! Tack Frida för du ställde henne så fint :)

Kylie has won one more 1:st price!!

Only one more 1:st price to win :D

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