Rottweiler puppies 5,5 weeks old

We have one female for sale!

Puppies are now 2,5 weeks!

The brothers
The brothers
The brothers
Goa and her 3 puppies

Rottweiler puppies expected w.44-45!

If you are interested please contact me

Rottweiler puppies are expected!

Goa is mated with Nexus and puppies are expected to be born week 25!
If you are interested in this litter feel free to contact me already!
Send a email to or call +4670-461 40 88.

Read more about our expected litter here >>

Just Ask Ronda "Goa" became BOS with CACIB today!

Idag blev Goa BIM med CACIB på SKK's utställning i Gimo. Vilken dag! Jag är så glad! Tack Frida för du ställde henne så fint :)

Goa mental tested!

Our nice and sweet Goa is mental tested! All went very well :)
Anneli's boy Lotus also passed his test with flying colors!

Just Ask Ronda. HD A & ED UA !!!!!


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