Skallbjörnens Allright it's Alice is for sale!

'Skallbjörnens Allright it's Alice' is for sale!

Alice is born 2009-10-01. See pictures, pedigree, parents och siblings here >>

Alice is now almost 8 months. Very nice and beautiful female. She is used to kides and an active life. She wants someone that wants to spend the time on her and also she would love to have another dog in the family.

For more information call +46-8583 584 88 / +46-70-461 40 88 or > e-mail <

Alice is for sale!

Here she is about 4 months on her first dogshow. She is born to be a star :)

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Skön overallSmart overall
Smart öppning för koppel/sele

My future handler!

My cute grandchild Jasmin and Poker :)
See more of these two on Bed-Ma's Kennel
Jasmin & Poker

The flue...

Well well... lately I haven't been able to write in the blog. I have had the flue and was very sick for 1,5 weeks. But I have been out tracing with Alma & Saga. It went great with both of them. And 25/3 I was at the club with Alma and was training for her upcomming competition.

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