Search course with Kylie

Kylie and I are attending a search course and she loves it. She understood immediately what to do. We have the world's best instructor Ninni and she explained everything to us.

Kylie von der Herash - LPI

Now our title LP1 is done! We got 179 points + a titel today! I am so proud of my little Kylie! Have a great weekend everybody!

Kylie has won one more 1:st price!!

Only one more 1:st price to win :D

Kylie has competed in obedience class I

Kylie has competed in obedience class I and was placed 3:rd So now she can compete in class II. But we will compete in class I a bit more to recieve a obedience title (LP) She is so talented my little girl <3


Puppies 4 weeks

Kylie med valp
Kylie & puppy

Svart & grön hane Svart & grön hane Svart & grön hane
Green and black male

Tikarna Tikarna Tikarna Tikarna

Tikarna Tikarna Valp Valp

Gul tik Gul tik Gul tik Gul tik Gul tik Gul tik
Yellow female

usblå hane
Light blue male

Röd tik Röd tik Röd tik
Red female

Vit hane Vit hane Vit hane
White male

The puppies are 4 weeks on these photos. We have changed collars on some of the puppies so the colour on the collar may not be the same as the colour we call them. So do not look at the colours on the photos ;)

Puppies 1 week old

1 vecka gammal

More pictures on the puppy page!

Soon we will have puppies!

Soon Kylie will have her puppies. We are very excited!

Kylie 11 augusti 2010

Kylie 11 augusti 2010

Kylie - Healthy heart

Now we have checked Kylie's heart and the result is that she has a totally healthy heart! We are very happy!
It is now proven that Kylie has heallthy hips, elbows, eyes and heart! She also is mental tested :)

Kylie - Clear eyes!!

Today Kylie got her eyes checked and all was good. She has 100% healthy eyes :) I'm so happy! My friend Anneli also checked her boy Lotus eyes and he also has clear eyes!! Congratulations Anneli! I am always nervous when I am checking my dogs health, but oh so happy when all is fine :)

My sweet Kylie!
My sweet Kylie!
Alma &Kylie
Alma &Kylie

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