Beautiful and sweet ridgeback male looking for a new home!

Sweet and happy 18 month old Ridgeback male is looking for a new loving home. Enzo needs a new home bacause his family now have to little time for him. He is calm, stable boy that loves to cuddle. He is good with children and other dogs. He is very well behaved and loves tracking. He has big potential in obedience competitions and in show rings.

Enzo (Skallbjörnens Dream Star SE49980/2014) born 20140811. Enzo is xrayed HD A ED 0.

If interested contact; me the breeder Laila Strömberg +4670-461 40 88 or owner Moa +4670-782 06 64.
You can also contact owner of Enzo's dad +46733-66 00 15.





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