2009-05-15 Mental test, appell comeptition and training

This has been a buys weekend. Mental test with Kylie that went very well. She was so goof my little girl.
It was a long and cold day, but it was worth it. Lasse, Conga's owner, was there with his videocamera. It is so nice to have the mental test on tape! After a few hours we made a track and trained Kylie and Lotus. It went well also!

Kylie MH

Kylie MH

On sunday we went up urly also. It was appell comatition with Alma. The track went excellent!We got secound place and a trophy. It was a great day. Now we are very tired after this exciting weekend.

On thursday it is time for training again. We will train obedience with Alma and Lotus and met Nina and Katarina tha t will work us hard.




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