Unofficial dogshow in Sollentuna 28/3

Now we have been to a dogshow again. And it went very well!
Kylie was BOB, Goa (Ronda) was BOS-puppy and Anneli's Lotus got 1st quality and HP.
Not bad!

Christina's handsome Poker was BOB! Congratulations! 
And Liza and Nina's russkiy toys all got 1st quality.

Soon we we will go to an International Dogshow !!
Will it go as well as it did this time? We are very excited.
Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Kylie blev BIR
Kylie - BOB
Goa blev Bim
Goa - BOS-puppy
Lotus fick en 1a med HP
Lotus - 1st quality, HP
Poker blev BIR
Poker - BOB
Migo var på sin första utställning och fick en 1a
Migo - 1st quality
Zhaklin fick 1a och blev placerad efter Lizas egenuppföda tik Gucci!
Zhaklin - 1st quality, 2nd best female


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